Friday, February 26, 2010

questionizing the concept "living together"

I questionized the question of living the public areas, at the housing areas, living in the crowded, in the metropol.
Then i decided to think about the flaneur, the modernist man who lived in the crowded and i tried to design a new life for him: flaneur of the metropols.

Being a flaneur at the metropol...
Cities are loaded with lot of curves...Every person draws a curve and this resembles his presence’s scheme. In this sense, cities are loaded with lot of curves. These curves sometimes never intersects and sometimes they are tangent to each other.They patternize at some points. They become nodes.And these are the public areas of the cities...

At the comprising of the modern cities, passages had an important role as puclic areas. They were phantasmagorias and homes for the flaneurs.
Flaneur existed in the crowded and he settled in between the eternal and temporary.
He was feeling at home when he was at the crowded and he was a storyteller.
I designed an abstract design consisting of public areas and temporary housing units for the metropol's flaneur...

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