Friday, February 26, 2010

conceptual 1

networks through the windows
networks through the meeting points

spread the networks
break the networks
re-organize the networks

taking women to public areas taking them to seaside
creating new public areas connect them with the seaside

this is a workshop work called "new ideas for old balat "that i took part 21-21.01.2009
İstanbultechnical University and Westminster University organized that workshop at İstanbul...
BALAT is a historic site and we tried to remap the area and at my work i am arguing about the networks of the site. Because we can see sharp sociological networks and segregations between users of the place.

Men are passing time at ground level, at the coffeshops and at the commercial little shops.

Women are spending time mostly at home, at the higher levels.And they their own network between them.
Children are passing time at the streets and also at the few park areas ..
I'm kind of asking:

what are the networks?
where are the networks?

are they only social or can be physically seen?

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