Friday, February 26, 2010

büyük valide han - old road house (tavern)

It is a projecct about an old tavern – roadhouse which exists in the historic peninsula of İstanbul. We thought about conservation rules and methods..what to conserve and how to make it live? With ner equipments, new ways of life , with new functions of make it work with different functions?Tried to answer these questions

Before, the building was a road house but then manufacturers settled down here. They lived and worked at the workshops. There have been lot of manufacturing branches existed here, in the tavern. It has it’s own energy...

Now the tavern is so much inside the center and like the other city’s central developments, it is not wanted here the manufacturing sector. So i tried to transfer the building with it’s users.

Att the conceptual design, i tried to conserve the building with it’s users but tried to integrate to the city with the new users also. Tried to arrive an interaction point/way between the new users and old users.

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