Friday, February 26, 2010

a new approach to open spaces of Lustenau

This is one of the 3rd year class project. The class called "place -theory-design"
Here we tried to focus on the urban voids of the Lustenau-Austria

Some cities which have an agricultural type develop with big urban voids..And these places usually face with the difficulties of public areas..Because of the great urban voids, it is difficult to create open-public places where people can meet and interact. So I tried to design multileveled and multifunctional open spaces in the project area.

Lustenau is in Austria and it has agricultural areas..The train axis and the rhine river are the main borders of the city. Project's aim was to create a healthy, livable area according to the main ideas of:
- accessibility
- growt
The steps of the concept :
- Main transportational roads that provide equal accessibility to all areas
- One main pedestrian axis, that branch out to the activity areas, with the idea of accessibility
- Open spaces welded to that pedestrian axis
- this main open – public spaces have their own character and event
- at some parts, these places are surrounded by housing, office, commercial, cultural, recreational spaces but also they dispersed heterogeneously
- Thus , there is a space organization formed with the idea of hybridity
With this idea we concentrated on the main open – public spaces.
These open spaces which are welded to main pedestrian way , differentiate functionally.
Also that pedestrian walkways created at different levels.
With this purpose, functions and spaces change at different levels and at different spaces.
Every open space has its own event and character .
At main public spaces, we tried to create these functions at each place: multimedia – cultural centers and streets, theatre and concert hall, recreational places, agricultural gardens, commercial spaces, squares and also little squares that spead in the housing areas.

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