Saturday, September 4, 2010

Highrise building- final project

The final project of my master program was about designing a “high-rise building in an old prison land” in Bayrampaşa, that is surrounded by housing units which are in bad condition and the area is transforming to a sub-center of Istanbul.

I tried to propose a system that “regulates the urban transformation project in Bayrampaşa district”, temporary and permanent houses are designed with this purpose. Also it is tried to create a connection between these two parts –temporary and permanent parts- as a whole, interacting unit.

I had the chance to design a high-rise building and I wanted to use it as a storage for the people who need to lodge during their houses are reconstructing and transforming. By this way they would stay at the same locational conditions and some parts of the building would act as a hanger. This project was a suggestion for the transformation projects in Turkey which I mostly don’t agree and also I analysed temporariness, permanency, urban transformation, poly-functionality, flexible functions, rhizomatic places, third spaces and the concept of organic development and their association.

being stored in the building - permanently and temporarily-

historic evolution of the area

I propose a transformation project for the houses that exist in the area. While the houses are being transformed and rehabitated, step by step people use the high-rise building...
a new concept for the environment. a high-rise building that regulates it's environment!!!
diagrammatic phases

characteristics of the area- social and physical networks
my concept
shaping the high-rise building
thinking on it's form and the social networks- conceptual points

how can I unite temporary and permanent units?? also mix them with the public interfaces

inside the temporary units
people use the housing units only for sleep, rest, shower etc as it is mentioned in the conceptual poster
and they mostly use the common activity areas that serves ironing, laundry, work, hobby rooms

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